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Balsamic & Love - Balsamic Vinegar Surprise & Ice Cream Dessert

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Originating from Italy, Balsamic Vinegar has long been a treasured, for lack of a better word, condiment that is highly valued by chefs, gourmet food aficionados, and salad lovers everywhere. A prestigious gift of love and friendship, authentic Balsamic Vinegar has been passed down from generation to generation in Italy. Treasured as a family heirloom, small vials were gifted to special friends and shared at celebrations of marriage and success. Authentic Balsamic Vinegar is rich with culture and history. The ancient and patient art of making a sweet condiment from grapes dates back centuries.

Brava Gourmet Italian Balsamic Vinegars are produced in Modena, Italy using the finest of Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes; gently cooked, pressed and aged in wooden barrels. This traditional method imparts complexity and depth to this rich, thick and sweet vinegar. These vinegars can be drizzled over fresh veggies, used as a condiment with pork, beef, chicken or fish. And most importantly, this beautiful vinegar will elevate every day cooking in a way that is not only easy, but will kick every food lover’s recipes to a whole new level. Brava Gourmet Balsamic Vinegar is not just for salad (although excellent) but much, much more!

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Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream Surprise

In the spirit of love, romance and Valentine’s Day consider adding a Balsamic Vinegar Surprise to your favorite dessert, Ice Cream.

Balsamic Vinegar for dessert? YES! BG Balsamic Vinegar is thick, sweet and delightful. A great way to make a dessert that will “surprise your taste buds” is as simple as adding 3 ingredients into a bowl.

  • ½ cup of Good Vanilla Ice Cream
  • ½ cup of fresh berries; raspberries, strawberries, blackberries
  • 1-2 Tbsp. of BG Balsamic Vinegar

Place your favorite ice cream in a bowl, add fresh berries and drizzle 1-2 Tbsp. of BG Balsamic Dolce or Pomegranate over the berries and ice cream. You will be AMAZED at how easy and tasty this dessert really is.